Favorit Places 2

Today I will not lose a lot of words, I will rather let the pictures speak for itself. We are already here for 4 weeks now. Laura works a lot during the week and I mostly spend my time at the beach- learning to surf in the wild waves of the pacific. Some days Laura can make it to the beach after work. If it is then not too late (we don‘t have lights on our bikes), we like to swim in the Newcastle ocean bath, an outdoor swimmingpool filled with saltwater. The pros are that there are no sharks (beach was thus far only once closed due to shark alarm) and jellyfishes, and that there are specific lanes for swimmers. Moreover you can watch the fishes while swimming.

Some days I take my camera down to the beach. I love the ocean bath.

Of course, the beaches are stunning as well. These are Nobbys- and Bar beach, where I mostly hang around.

One day I want to capture the sunrise above the sea. But therefore I would have to get up sooo early….

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