BIG South-West Tour (Part 4)

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The Grand Canyon behind us or rather on the right side, we drove to Las Vegas. It was too late to go there immediately to it, so we made a side trip on the Route 66. There is not really much to say about the Route 66. It’s an old and lonely road where there is not much to see. Anyway it was nice to drive there, because I’m not a big fan of driving on the interstate.

Close to Las Vegas we had to make a stop to appraise a great art of engineering, the Hoover Dam – really impressive. Offhandedly we booked a tour inside the Dam to see more of it. After having seen this impressive construction, finally we were on the direct way to the Gambling Hell.

What a City, colorful, noisy, so much people everywhere, thrilling and it feels like there is a controlled chaos. So many impressions, lights and places where you can get lost, and of course gambling, yes it make so much fun. After long hikes in and around all these crazy hotels, it is just nice to sit down at a Black Jack Table gamble a bit, lose or win money, and enjoy the free drinks.

You cannot leave Las Vegas without seeing one of the great shows there, we decided to see the show from the Circ de Solei. What a show, they took a lot of costs just for the costumes and the stage design. Of course the artistic acts were awesome too.

After two nights Las Vegas we left this noisy and crazy city. The journey continues and we were back in our quiet life. On the way to San Diego we passed the Yoshua-Tree Nationalpark. This is a really dry park with nothing besides infinity yoshuatrees. We just drove thru the park except for a few quick stops.

In San Diego the zoo was our main event. It is a great zoo but I don’t like that there are all the time this big busses driving thru it. Also when you want to see everything you need to walk some ways double. Everything a little bit too much disordered.

After San Diego, the tour goes thru Los Angeles on our quest to find the Highway 1. Driving thru Los Angeles was the worst idea we made, we spend around 5 hours there, in the car. Los Angeles and the bad traffic behind us, we found the Highway 1. We drove a bit on the beautiful coast and searched for nice places on the beach for a dinner picnic, before we had to leave the coast-road to go over the small hills to check-in in our Motel.

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