The Great Ocean Road – Three Bikes – 6 Days – 331 km (PART 2)

Cape Otway – Lavers Hill 46 km

The next day started with riding downhill for a long time. It was so much fun after the hard climb from the day before. Only my brother hadn’t so much fun, because he got stung by a bee. After the downhill section came a short section without any hills. When it began to go uphill again we left the Great Ocean Road and took a small road to Johanna Beach. We wanted to see if we could camp there for free. There was a free campground with bathrooms, but no drinking water and cooking station. So we decided to continue and ride until Lavers Hill. This means again 15km just climbing up the hill. The good thing was that the road was really quiet with amazing views. Lavers Hill felt like a ghost town, nothing was open and the campground was just an open field with a small bathroom, unfortunately, without a camp kitchen. Luckily we met another guy, who was camping there with his bike. He borrowed us his gas heater.

Lavers Hill – Port Campbell 59 km

The night in Lavers Hill was the coldest on the whole journey. We woke up pretty early, to get back on the bikes and to heat up. Up to Princetown it goes most time just downhill. After a short ice-cream brake, we came to the famous part of the route. The part with the 12 Apostles. 29km later, without stopping at every view point it would have been 19km, we are arrived with tons of pictures in Port Campell.

Port Campbell – Warrnambool 75 km

We started the next day really relaxed. Our plan was to ride just 20km to Port Stephens. No hills, no wind and the fact that in fact it was only 13km we decided to continue the day to ride up to Childrens Cove. There was no campground, but maybe we could just wild camp there. Unfortunately, close before we arrived at Childrens Cove, one spoke of the back wheel of my brother’s bike broke. After we opened the brake, it was still rideable, but the back wheel wobbled a lot. We made a short brake at Childrens Cove where we discussed to try to finish our tour today. We were on our way to our last destination Warrnambold. With made 75km that day and it was our personal record. At sunset we arrived happily at our last destination.

Happy and exhausted we enjoyed one more day in Warrnambold, before we headed back to Melbourne and then back to Newcastle.

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