The Australian Journey begins – Melbourne to Adelaide

Laura finished her master’s and we enjoy our last week of our 6 month- lasting stay in Newcastle. Now our 2-month journey around Australia starts. The first part is kind of a repetition for me, because it is Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road. But this time not with the bicycle.

Melbourne is beautiful with its arty style. The botanical garden is the best place to enjoy a walk in the green with a lot of differnt trees and flowers. At dusk thousands of flying foxes are coming out of the garden on the search for food. St. Kilda is maybe the best place to enjoy the beach. Walking up to the port of Melbourne you can see the skyline of melbourne and see the small penguins’.

After 2 days in Melbourne we picked up our campervan and headed down direction gor. Like the last time, the weather was sunny and nice the first day, until it turned 18 degrees the next day. Rain, strong wind and cold weather followed us the whole way up to Adelaide. Close to adelaide we got the unhappy message that the storm was too strong for the ferry to kangeroo island. In a bad mood we drove straight towards Adelaide, to search a campround for the next days.

The next day started without rain and storm. We got the idea that we might get a ticket to the island with another tour. And indeed some hours later we had our ticket to the island for the next day.

Our trip to kangaroo island started very early, because our bus picked us up at 6am. However, less sleep and the little expensive price were worth it!! The island is just beautiful. After the ferry transported us to the island, we were driven around by a bus. The first stop was seal bay. There we had the unique change to observe a wild colony of Australian sea lions. Following, we drove to the other end of the island and made several stops to see koalas and the well-known remarkable stones. This amazing day ended at 11pm, when our bus dropped us off at our camping spot. The next day, we slept in and enjoyed the beautiful day in the Adelaide hills until our flight to the next destination.

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