Part 1   Part 2 Next destination was Monument Valley, the place you know from the Western-Movies.  Now it was  time to see it in real life. To tell the truth, I’m not really such a big western-fan, but who cares. […]

BIG South-West Tour (Part 3)

Part 1 After a good Breakfast (maybe the best of the hole journey, in a motel) we continue, with new energy, to the next destination –Black Canyon. Again you pass beatifull landscapes. Why go in a National-Park, when you have […]

BIG South-West Tour (Part 2)

There was a long time of planning, discussions, collecting and exchange of information and to reschedule everything. But the result was that we know our rough route for the big, 23 days long, trip through the south-west of America. The […]

BIG South-West Tour (Part 1)