Blackbutt and Fernleigh Track

Maybe some people are wondering what I doing here all the time. Probably, the most of you can imagine that I try to be on the beach as much as possible. But also I’m often on the bike, go for a run, make and work on pictures, write some blog-posts or plan my next journey. Additionally, I try to find a casual job, until now without results.

After Laura is done with work we both go out for a run pretty often. Our favorite trail is always through the Blackbutt Park. It is a nice Park, not just for hiking and a relaxing picnic, it is also a place where you can see some animals from this area. Located in the park is a reserve with animals. You can find koalas, kangaroos and a lot of other animals there. You can visit the park and reserve for free.

Sometimes when I am not going to the beach, I take my bike and go on a small tour. Here in Newcastle is the longest Rail Trail in New South Wales, the Fernleigh Track. The track is 16 Km long and the destination is Lake Macquarie (or Newcastle if you start at the lake). 16 Km isn’t this long, but I took my camera with me and had to stop a few times to make some pictures, so at the end it took me a while to get back home.

You can find more information about the Rail Trails on this Website

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