BIG South-West Tour (Part 3)

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Next destination was Monument Valley, the place you know from the Western-Movies.  Now it was  time to see it in real life. To tell the truth, I’m not really such a big western-fan, but who cares. I expected a little bit more from this place, of course it was beautiful but not with this woooaaaaah effect. Anyway a good place to make great pictures.

After this famous film-location we went on with the journey to Page. After checked-in at the motel, we drove to the horseshoebend, close before sunset. I can say now: Horseshoebend at sunset = beautiful! However we drove to that place the next day again to have better light for good pictures. If you would ask me, I could sit here the whole day.

Of course we didn’t stay there the whole day. At noon we had a date with the Upper-Antelope Canyon. Wow, really beautiful shapes and colors, but unfortunately too overcrowded.

On the way to Kanab we stopped for a refreshing jump in the Lake Powell. Our plans for Kanab were a little bit uncertain. At this moment we weren’t sure if we would get a ticket for the Wave. So we had to wait for the next morning when there was the lottery. We arrived really early in Kanab so we decided to make a short (sadly) trip to the Zion National Park. Why sadly? Because this Park is BEAUTIFUL, really! So much nice hiking-trails in different levels matched with an amazing landscape…. and we didn’t have enough time.

After sunset we left the Park.

The next day started a little bit earlier than the days before, because we had to go to the lottery (we wanted some tickets for the wave). The luck was not on our side this day, but it was not a big issue as there were so many other things to do. So our next destination was the Bryce Canyon. I don’t know what I can say anymore, it feels that I always say the same, beautiful, amazing, impressive … and so on 😉

After a long and great day at the Bryce Canyon, you are looking forward to fall into the bed. The next day we had a pretty long trip, the destination is the canyon of the canyon’s: The Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon, oh yes he is big but not more impressive than all the other canyons we saw before. Maybe we made it in the wrong direction, I’m pretty sure the Grand Canyon is much more impressive if you didn’t see all the other beautiful Canyons before. But this doesn’t mean that I don’t like the Grand Canyon or that the Canyon is worse than other. You have a lot of great hiking trails always with amazing landscapes. Be sure you bring enough time if you want to hike on the rim, if not you can still use the shuttle bus. If you want to hike down to the river, its better you have a reservation for the hotel on the ground and two days time (one for down, one for up).

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