BIG South-West Tour (Part 2)

Part 1

After a good Breakfast (maybe the best of the hole journey, in a motel) we continue, with new energy, to the next destination –Black Canyon. Again you pass beatifull landscapes.

Why go in a National-Park, when you have all this beautiful landscapes? Of course the Parks are much levels higher and you have the option of many nice Hiking trails. In my opinion, if you have the time, you must do some hikes to enjoy and see the park.

After a leisurely picnic with great view, we start to the next event –Colorado National Monument. I know I spoke about something that you must do some hikes in the parks.., but we didn’t had enough time left, so we just drove through the park. Anyway it was great.

After the round trip around the Colorado National Monument we took a small side road to get to Moab. This road was an insider tip from my college John, Thanks for this it was great.

Before we arrived in Moab, we stopped at a very nice Ranch for a really good dinner. In Moab we checked in in our Motel and had still enough time to jump in the hot pool – Why is the pool always hotter than the air when the air is already really hot? – and planed our next three days in Moab.

Our first event in Moab was the Arches, red rocks in amazing formations while torridity. On the middle of a big round hiking trail we got surprised from a thunderstorm. Now we had to choose to turn around or go ahead. At this moment we meet some other hikers coming from the other direction, they told us that it’s maybe a better idea to turn around. So we turn around and went back the way we came from, but this time not alone. It was very close that we arrived our car before the rain starts, but not Close enough 😉

On day two we rode first to the Dead Horse Point and after that to the Canyonlands (upper part).

Fort the way back to Moab we had the choice between the road we were coming and the off-road. The hell, of course Off-road! This was why I wanted a car with 4W. Juuhuuu what a fun ride! Who care that we dont know where we are after 2 hours, it was our small adventure ;).

After this trip our car was brown instead of black for the remaining journey.

On the third day we had to say „Good Bye“ to Moab. Our next destination is Page, with a stopover at Monument Valley. But we were really good in time so we made a stopover at the Needles from the Canyonlands (lower part).

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