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Azoren, Sao Miguel

The Acores are a paradise in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Nine bigger and smaller Islands are part of the Acores. However, it is not a paradise for a beach vacation as you can find it in the Caribbean. Well, you can find beautiful beaches on the Acores but the real beauty can be find when you slide into your hiking boots and go to explore the Islands on the many hiking trails you can find there. The amazing nature and the colourful views are breathtaking (if you are not already out of breath from some climbs).

We had 13 days to explore the Acores (14 with the flights). The plan was to visit four of the nine islands, the biggest one São Miguel, Pico with its same name highest mountain of Portugal, the sailor station Faial and São Jorge. We spent five days on São Miguel. At the sixth day we left the biggest island and flew to Pico. On Pico we had seven days. The fact that we didn’t had a fixed accommodation, because we camped most of the nights, made it easy for us to plan our days flexibly and spontaneously. In the end we didn’t made it to São Jorge. In the travel report you will get to know why we visit only three of the planned four island. In the summary you will find all the information about the campgrounds we visited, which hiking trails we took and other information about the islands.


Sao Miguel

Travel report






Pico and Faial

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