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It has already been 2 weeks since we arrived in Australia. Outside are temperatures around 35 degrees and I’m sitting inside and write my first blog post about my Australia journey. I didn’t make it to get some awesome pictures, but the time will come. The pictures you see here are made with a mobilephone.

Back to the beginning, on the 31 of December 2015, Laura and I arrived after a long flight at our destination. Anyway the flight wasn’t as bad as I thought before it will be. For the first time I was so tiered on the second flight that I could sleep and this means a lot! The worst is always the stops between the flights, especially the stop in Melbourne where we needed to check-out and check-in our back bags.

As soon as we arrived in Newcastle I immediately change my clothes, because we were still in our winter dress from Germany. After another waiting hour and another hour of bus driving, we finally made it to our Airbnb apartment. But there were just a few minutes to relax; we needed to go to the next grocery shop to get some food for the next days. Fortunately, there was a store close by. After the fridge was filled a little bit, we thought about what to do on New Year’s Eve. We didn’t came to a decision, because we fall asleep. An hour before midnight we woke up, so we decided just to walk to the next bus stop to check if there is a bus driving to the city centre. There wasn’t one. So we just stayed on a small hill to watch the really small firework. After that we fell in a good, deep and long sleep.

Next day, the sun was shining and it was hot, so no discussion our destination was the beach, as we did the same on the next day. If you would ask us, it was a perfect start into the New Year. We didn’t divine that this where our last sunny days.

After Saturday it rained every day until Thursday morning. Our biggest problem was that we had appointments to inspect some apartments from Sunday on. Several times we arrived completely wet at the apartments. We asked some people, if this weather is normal at this time, their answer was a clear NO! So we had some hope.

After a week of rain, apartment appointments and getting refuses, we needed to look for another accommodation. Our current Airbnb apartment was running out of contract. We didn’t found an apartment for our self until then, so we didn’t had a choice as staying with another Airbnb accommodation. We found a nice one which is pretty close to Laura’s work, because her first day was on Monday. Lucky as we are- the host asked us if we wanted to stay there for the full 6 month for a special price. On Sunday we got another refuse of an apartment we wanted to move in, so we decided to stay here. Laura just needs 10 min to work by feed and the area is pretty nice as well. The only drawback is that the beach is around 10 Km away. But what do I complain about it, I don’t have any other things to do all day long!

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