11 Things Not To Miss in Newcastle, NSW 1

  1. Take a walk at the foreshore
  2. Enjoy the view from Fort Scratchley and walk to Nobbys Lighthouse
  3. King Edward Park and Newcastle Memorial Walk
  4. Bicycle tour at the Fernleigh Track
  5. Enjoy Lake Macquarie
  6. Hiking at Glenrock National Park and swimming in the Lagoon
  7. Picnic at Blackbutt Reserve with Kangaroo
  8. Swim in the Ocean Bath’s
  9. Whale watching
  10. Shopping in the Westfield Malls
  11. Window shopping and gormandize in Darby Street and Hunter Mall


  1. You shouldn’t miss a walk at the foreshore from honeysuckle drive to queens wharf.IMG_6655 Next to pelicans and other birds you can see the huge ships carrying coal. Newcastle is the biggest coal harbor worldwide. May cafes and restaurants are located at the promenade. It’s best when you park your car at a big parking space at the beginning of honeysuckle Dr. (50 Honeysuckle Dr, Newcastle NSW 2300). The visitor center is not far from there and also the Newcastle museum is not far. There you get information about Newcastle’s history. Entry is free. When you reached Queens Warf, you can enjoy a stunning view across the harbor from the lookout tower. From this point you can even cross the water with the ferry to Stockton if you want to. To come back to the car you can walk back or take the bus. Luckily it’s in the fare free zone and is therefore free. Another option is to go further to Fort Scratchley.


  1. Fort Scratchley is located above Nobbys beach. You have an awesome view from there and you can also learn about Newcastle’s history. You can enjoy a nice day at Nobbys beach and make a walk to Nobbys lighthouse. I would recommend to go along the beach to the lighthouse and back on the breakwalk (in total 2 km). There’s a nice kiosk with delicious food and snacks right at Nobbys beach. If you are coming with the car you can park directly next to the beach and if you are coming by bus you can step out at Newcastle Railway station, cross Sandhills community garden and reach Nobbys beach.


  1. King Edwards Park provides many green areas that are perfect for walks and picnic.IMG_6318 On the left hand side you can see Nobbys and Newcastle beach. On the right hand side you can gaze at amazing cliffs. If you’re going from the park direction Mereweather, you’ll pass the Memorial walk. That’s a bridge which is built above the cliffs. The view is breathtaking. Following, you can go down to the beach to relax in the sun or surf on the waves. There are not many parking spaces at Newcastle beach, but at bar beach there are plenty. IMG_6322Unfortunately, there is no bus going directly to bar beach. Therefore it is best to catch the bus to the city center and walk through the King Edwards Park.


  1. Everyone who prefers to explore the city by bike can easily rent a bike at Honeysuckle. Don’t forget to wear a helmet! The Fernleigh track is a wonderful bike tour. It’s an old railtrack which was converted into a walking- and biking-track. The track begins in Fernleigh Track-03. February 2016-35Adamstown at the roundabout Park Ave and Bailey St. The track is 16 km long and at the end you’ll reach Belmont at lake Macquarie. If you’re keen to make a mountainbike tour, you should go to Glenrock Park (it’s on the way to Belmont).


  1. Lake Macquarie offers a lot of possibilities. One possibility would be to make a walk or bike along the shore, starting at Speers Point. From there, there’s a little path along the shore to Warners Bay. Parking spaces and busstations are located at every end of the path.


  1. The Glenrock Park with it’s gorgeous lagoon is a real gem. You can completely whenGlenrock Park with Laguna in Newcastle, NSW Australia hiking along the waterfalls and plashy streams. At Leichardts lookout point you can enjoy an awesome view across the park up until the lagoon and the ocean. The forest reaches directly the ocean, this creates a little “woa effect” when looking back to the forest when standing at the beach. Best point to start the hike is Yuelarbah carpark. You can also park at Mereweather and walk from there to the lagoon, only disadvantage is that you’ll miss the view across the lagoon. When you’re taking the bus, it’s best to drive until Kahibah and walk along Burwood Rd to Yuelarbah carpark. You can go back across the beach and you’ll end up at Mereweather ocean bath.


  1. If you’re looking for a cozy place to picnic or BBQ, Blackbutt Reserve is the right Blackbutt Park-31. January 2016-15spot. You can make a relaxing walk through the forest and can see typical Australian animals in the little Blackbutt zoo. You can finish the day by having a delicious meal at one of the picnic areas, where BBQ’s are provided. There are many carparks all around the reserve.


  1. Everyone who likes to enjoy some saltwater swimming but doesn’t like the big waves,IMG_6440 is right at one of the regions Ocean Baths. When you are swimming, there is also a good chance to watch some fishes, which are flushed into the bath from the ocean. The Newcastle Ocean Bath, with his vintage style, is located between the Nobbys and the Newcastle Beach. The Mereweather Ocean Bath is located at the end of the Mereweather beach.


  1. You can watch the big migration of whales along the coast of Newcastle from June IMG_6693until September. The whales travel from south to north to mate and give birth in warmer territories. They will come back south in September with their babies. You can spot a lot of whales from King Edwards Park, the Memorial Walk and Nobbys lighthouse, just look for the typical spray. Sometimes, they come even so close that you can recognize them from the beach. If you want to have a close look, you can book a whale watching boat tour in the harbor.


  1. You can find a big variety of shops in the Westfield malls in Charlestown and Kotara, Newcastle. There are plenty of different shops from clothing to grocery stores. Moreover, you can enjoy delicious food in both malls. It is recommended to go to the rooftop in Kotara. There you can have different kind of meals in a very nice atmosphere and sometimes there’s even life music.


  1. If you’re up to window shopping, you’re right at hunter mall and Darby street. There are many shop and also lovely, individual cafes and restaurants. You can come here for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a couple of drinks- you will always find the right spot. Moreover, there are many very good restaurants at Beaumont street, a little away from the center.

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